Welcome to Made By Immigrants ®, and thanks for being here.

We stand for honoring your heritage. First, second, third, or fourth generation immigrants wear our brand in respect for their country of origin. Immigrants across the world are united when wearing Made By Immigrants  ®

In the early stages, we wanted to create a style separating ourselves from other apparel brands. The brand had to captivate and leave a lasting effect on a global scale. Our brand stands alone in defining the struggle and opportunity of all people that are foreign to a land Made By Immigrants ®  is not only a brand it is a statement!

The 2000’s were a violent moment in Venezuela history. My parents made a courageous effort to bring my brother and I to The United States for a better life. Memories of my late father expressing how one can accomplish and achieve their dreams with hard work are still embedded in my heart. As for my mother, her example of how a woman can lead has been a tremendous lesson in my life to this day. I am very much grateful.

Our dream has become the “immigrant dream.” This is all within a land as beautiful as The United States of America. Millions of families have lived this dream and have escaped hardships and pursued freedom in this great nation Made By Immigrants ®  is a face of dedication to my family and all the immigrant families across the world.

Thank you